The Bloomfield GroupLATEST NEWS: The Bloomfield Group commences the Investors In Excellence programme.

The whole Group came together on 4th December 2012 for a seminar in which David Trimmer, Group Chairman, addressed the teams and announced the immediate commencement of the Investors In Excellence programme. David then handed over to Ian Neild, CEO of Investors In Excellence, who officially launched the process by passing the framed Commitment to Investors In Excellence to Group Managing Director, Richard Bissett.

Richard stated "I want to transform our organisational performance by Investing in Excellence to ensure that we deliver the best possible service to new and existing customers.

When we have achieved our certification our on-going commitment to the Excellence Standard will be through a continuous improvement programme". 


The programme is expected to take around 11 months to complete

The Bloomfield Group consists of;

Security Design Centre Ltd. (SDC),
Remote Management And Security Limited (REMAS)

REMAS Global Monitoring LLP (RGM), 
REMAS Deployable Systems LLP (RDS),
REMAS  Perimeter Protection (RPP)
REMAS Fire Systems (RFS)
GunShot Locating LLP (GSL) 

These 7 Companies offer an unparalleled level of quality and expertise and make The Bloomfield Group a truly one stop shop for all your fire and security needs.

In a nutshell:
SDC survey, install, commission and service all manner of electronic surveillance equipment including CCTV, Access Control, Intruder Alarms and intercom systems typically within 50 miles of Birmingham unless a client has multiple buildings, in which case they go further afield.

REMAS do the same as SDC but on a European scale having sites all over the UK from Stornoway to the Channel Islands and from Northern Ireland to Portugal, Spain and Germany. REMAS, by its very name "remote" tends to install far more remotely monitored CCTV systems giving its clients eyes on all their sites without having to leave their desks. REMAS also installs and services gates, barriers, fencing, Radar Detection and deployable CCTV systems.

RGM was setup due to The Bloomfield Group's frustration with "run of the mill" monitoring centre's inability to deal with anything deemed "outside the box". RGM is a BS8418 monitoring facility hidden in the heart of England offering unparalleled levels of service and care to all its customers. RGM is re-writing the way remote monitoring should be done.

RDS was again setup by The Bloomfield Group due to it's frustrations but this time with supposedly "off the shelf" deployable CCTV systems. Sadly the reality of such systems were that they are not off the shelf and are not particularly deployable. The Bloomfield Group used expertise from all its member Companies to create the Network Accessible Surveillance system (NAS). Truly wireless other than power, truly deployable, truly feature rich and truly amazing value for money. RDS is now working on project "Baby NAS" so watch this space and we will blog about it in due course.

RPP was created to provide our customers with cutting edge technology combined with the most effective physical security installed to the latest British Standard. Fitting anything from fences to barriers to road blockers, RPP will take the installation from survey to final commission thus providing the customer with not only the best value for money, but also providing them with peace of mind from knowing the latest health and safety standards have been adhered to.

RFS was an obvious addition to the Group and has allowed The Bloomfield Group to target new and bigger markets that demand a single provider for all the fire and security provisions. The Bloomfield Group has offered fire detection as a service for many years but has never actively pursued the sector as it was seen more of an add-on rather than a market in its own right.

GSL is unique within the group and within the UK. GSL surveys, installs, commissions and services Gun Shot Locating equipment deployed to provide the emergency services with an immediate response to a firearms incident by pinpointing the exact location and transmitting it to the Police Control Room. Recently installed in Birmingham it is widely expected that the other Police Authorities will follow West Mids Police’s lead.

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Bloomfield Group Partner Companies

MET GroupMET is a leading and innovative provider of both Professional and Managed ICT Services.

With a wealth of experience in designing, installing, securing and managing critical ICT infrastructure for clients in many varying sectors, such as Finance, Retail and Leisure, Education and Housing and Construction, MET is a partner who can be relied upon to deliver even the most complex of ICT projects. Our delivery is backed up with exceptional levels of care and professionalism provided by our Customer Service and Technical Engineering teams who ensure every effort is made to meet our client’s needs.

By providing pro-active technology advice as well as a comprehensive range of monitoring and management services, MET focuses on building long term partnerships with our clients that add value to both our businesses”